How do I get a phone number in Lithuania?

There are three basic service providers of mobile connectivity: Omnitel, Bitė, and Tele 2. You can get the prepaid cards: Extra, Ežys (Omnitel), Labas (Bitė) or Pildyk (Tele 2) at all newsagents or designated trading places. Each of them offers different tariffs and terms, so you will be able to choose one which best suits your needs.

To phone Lithuania from a foreign country, you will need to first dial the code of the country (+370) and then the code of the city and phone number.

If you call an ordinary number in another city of Lithuania, dial 8, then the city code and the required phone number. For an international call, first dial 00, then dial the code of the country, city code and phone number.

The Internet

What about organising your studies? At all universities, you will probably have access to computers and the internet in the libraries or designated computer classes. This facility does not need to be used only for study purposes.

When out and about? There is free wi-fi access in most public places. Majority of restaurants, bars and cafés also have free wireless internet. If you can’t find the password, simply ask the bartender how to log in. Wireless network is really all over the place in Lithuania, no wonder we get contanstly praised for it (read this article at the Business Insider from 2014 how Lithuania has the fastest public wi-fi).