If you come to Lithuania to study and want to earn some extra money or develop your career, a job here will help you realise your capabilities, and improve and develop your opportunities as well. To be sure that your profession or professional activity is accepted in Lithuania, you can check it in the database of regulated professions. In this database, each Member State of the European Union presents regulated professions in their countries.

From the second year of study students in full-time study mode are allowed to work 20 hours per week in accordance with the legislation of Lithuania.

Are you an EU citizen?

If you come from the European Union (EU), European Economic Community or Switzerland, you do not need to obtain permission to work in Lithuania. The citizens of EU states and the members of their families, who move to Lithuania for more than three months are issued the certificate of a set form by the Minister of the Interior every six months, thereby proving their right to live in the country.

The same regulations are applied to citizens of the countries of European Free Trade Association. The family members of citizens of the EU who are not citizens of the EU are issued EU residence permits.

What if I’m not an EU citizen?

If you are not an EU citizen and intend to work in Lithuania, you will have to get a work permit. This must be done before coming to Lithuania, unless you are exempt from this obligation (more information here).

A work permit, which is valid for two years, is issued if there is no experts in Lithuania who could satisfy the qualifying requirements of the employer. The position held and the company, institution or organisation where the person is employed are indicated on the work permit. Different terms apply if you have a seasonal job or are coming as an intern. The conditions under which the work permit is issued are determined by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, and the permits are issued by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange within two months from the day the application for a work permit was received.