Every country has its own customs and practices and Lithuania is no exception. So, if you don’t want to feel like a white crow (a Lithuanian saying), you must anticipate the things that cannot be found in travel guides.

Here are some tips on what may be done in Lithuania and what is taboo.

  • When on a date, give a girl only an odd number of flowers (an even number is only suitable for funerals!).
  • Always mark your ticket on a bus or trolleybus as the controllers are not always amenable.
  • Leave tips: if you receive good service, the usual practice is to give at least ten percent of the total.
  • Be punctual for appointments as Lithuanians tend to value each other’s time.
  • Do not consume alcohol in parks, squares and other public places – it is prohibited by law.
  • Do not litter out of the car windows or in public places, you might get fined!
  • Do not kiss a person when greeting them if you do not know them well; it is more common to shake hands in Lithuania. Usually only relatives or close friends kiss when meeting.
  • Do not get into a waiting taxi; if you call it by phone, it will take you to your destination at a lower rate.