If you have made the decision to study in Lithuania and are preparing to pack for your trip here, don’t forget that you are coming to a country where the weather in all four seasons is very different. In summer you will see beautiful blossoms of various forms and colours; in autumn yellow, red and brown leaves fall from the trees; in winter you’ll be able to wade through big banks of snow and catch snowflakes, and in spring you will see the sun reflecting in the puddles.

Lithuania’s climate has gotten warmer in recent years; the average annual temperature is 6.5–7.9°C. July is the hottest month of the year (average temperature is about 19.7°C; the highest temperature is over 30°C). The coldest month is January (average temperature –2.9°C, lowest temperature may fall below –30°C).

The rainy season is from April to October (60 – 65% of the annual rainfall). There may be rainy periods during summer when 30mm a day or even more has been measured.

Thus, in summer your luggage will probably be at least half the weight it would be in winter. Temperatures can rise up to 30°C in the warm season, although a light jacket and an umbrella could come in handy. In winter you will need a warm coat, gloves and a wooly hat. In spring and autumn you may need a pair of wellington boots (if that’s your style).

But don’t worry if you can’t decide what to pack. Even those who are the most dedicated followers of fashion will not be disappointed by what’s on offer here. There are many internationally-known clothing and footwear chains which offer the latest collections, among them: Mango, Zara, United Colors of Benetton, Mexx, Next, Clarks, Crocs, and Ecco. You also have a choice of quality local retailers such as Lelija, Utenos trikotažas, Apranga, and Audimas.
Many foreigners admire traditional Lithuanian materials like products of flax in summer and warm socks or mittens knitted from natural wool in winter. You can purchase these in various colours and styles from the market or (in Vilnius) directly from the people who trade in Pilies street.