Public city transport. Lithuanian cities have a well-developed system of public transport. There is a choice of buses, trolleybuses (in the largest cities of the country), and minibuses.

The good news is that students can travel for half price on public transport. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a single ticket or a monthly ticket, which allows unlimited travel on public transport. Large cities have a modern e-ticket system.

Information on routes and schedules (available in English for the major cities) is available on the public transport websites; schedules of the largest cities.

Intercity trips

If you would like to visit your friends in other parts of Lithuania or have a desire to see more of our beautiful country you can simply hop onto an intercity bus or train. Travelling between towns is also cheaper for students. It is possible to travel by bus to almost anywhere in Lithuania and this provides a very good way to see the country.

Although the railway network does not include all cities and towns in the country, a train trip will be memorable. Whether you take the normal train to historic Trakai, a double-decker train from Vilnius to Kaunas, or an express train to the seaside, the train conductors will always offer you a (relatively cheap) cup of coffee and you will be able soak up the view from the window. You can find information on the schedules and tickets on the website of Lithuanian Railways.


If you need to, you can call a taxi at any time during the day and will be able to reach your destination quickly and comfortably for a comparatively low price. However, in Lithuania it is not common practice to stop taxis in the streets, so it is better to know the phone numbers of companies which provide such services. Alternatively, every waiter or shop assistant knows the numbers and will be happy to help you out.

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