Most Lithuanian tales finish with the following words: ‘I have been eating and drinking for three days, everything has been dripping over my chin…’ If you are going to taste all Lithuanian dishes, you will have to stay in the country for a really long time.

The modern restaurant culture in Lithuania is prospering. The priority of each café owner or owners of  restaurants is to ensure that the dishes and service offered are of the highest standard; thus getting to know Lithuanian cuisine is an eminently accessible and very interesting experience.

The oldest traditional Lithuanian beverages are mead and herbal trauktines. You’ll be able to experience local wine made from various fruit, but mostly we are a country famous for its beer makers. You will certainly have the chance to imbibe light and dark, unfiltered or honey beer.

Lithuanians like to eat a lot of delicious food. Traditional cuisine is quite simple but offers a wide variety of interesting dishes. Rye products, potatoes, various meats, mushrooms and dairy products are the main ingredients.