The epicentre of Vilnius’ busy night life is Islandijos street. In this street you’ll find a number of  bars and clubs such as Opium club and a bar called Briusly (Bruce Lee) which, over weekends, draw many like-minded people who like popular dance music, mainly the sound of house and nu disco. Over the road from these you can find English pub-styled bars the Piano Man and the Gringo Pub. These places are for the pub-goer offering  a variety of beers and whiskeys. A great place to meet  friends and chat over a couple of drinks. A few hundred metres further along the road, you’ll find Floor which offers a wide variety of music, from jazz to garage, rap to techno, and where you can meet a whole range of people who happily spend their time among the glass facades of this club.

Those who aren’t afraid of leaving the Old Town must visit Studio 9 which is in Gediminas Avenue and has a wide following of admirers. The setting is slightly reminiscent of a loft and the atmosphere is cosy. The background music is eclectic in a modern, groovy type of way.

If you like art and consider yourself to be in the hipster or bohemian category, you should make your way to the ŠMC café, which is legendary in Vilnius. The interior, which occupies a very small area, hasn’t changed in 20 years; it is a place where the wine flows freely and conversations do not end until dawn. Don’t be surprised if you see a theatre director who has fallen asleep at a table or old architects playing chess; the atmosphere in this bar inspires everyone to discover the artist within, even if it is only for one night.

When walking along the marvellous, cobblestoned Pilies street, you can meet a broad range of people at the entrance of the Cafe de Paris. Cafe de Paris is a hangout for Francophiles and attracts a cosmopolitan clientele, being situated near the French embassy.

In short, you shouldn’t expect to appear in Eastern Europe’s Ibiza when going to Vilnius at night. But if you have enough energy to visit at least three dance clubs, to meet new people and DJs with good taste and are not afraid of having beer being accidentally spilled over you, you will feel welcome in our city.


If you go out in the evening, you will probably head into the city centre. Most cafés, bars and night clubs are situated there. The students of Kaunas have a preference for cocktails. You can try a large variety at the cocktail bar Barbar’a, while listening to music which accommodates people with various tastes, from light or old house, techno house to popular music, and  hits of the 70s and 80s. At the People’s Disco Club, situated nearby, you will find pictures of John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the wall and you can boogie to good old-fashioned disco music. Great cocktails can be had in the club Mojo Lounge, which is in the vicinity of Vytautas Magnus University and the Kaunas University of Technology.

Fancy a dance? One of the most popular dance clubs in Kaunas is the bar Glamour Latino, formerly Latino. Here you will always find a passionate feast of burning rhythms and dances. If you would like a different form of entertainment, there’s always the bar called B.O. (Blue Orange), which has perhaps been there since the establishment of the city. If you just want to read a book in a quiet environment (or get free internet access), you can come here during the day and on Friday or Sunday evenings. You can also meet new people and dance to indie rock or alternative music.

Those who would rather move a bit further away from the city centre (taking number 7 or 11 trolleybus or buses 9 or 48) will be rewarded by finding a loft club called Gargaras in the premises of an old fur factory, which is becoming more and more popular. As the club describes itself, it is a good place for those who are looking for something more in the current digital culture, those who are interested not only in live concerts and DJ music, but also in art and other projects.


Klaipėda has always been buzzing with life, in 1930s there were 185 bars in this seaside city, where not only locals but also tourists coming to the coast from various countries had fun. Nowadays, Klaipėda is a bit different city with a growing population of students. It is the third largest city in the country and the night life here is very much alive.

A building in the Old Town, where the jazz club Kurpiai is located, is reminiscent of the old days. Food lovers can choose from a large menu and those who want good jazz and entertainment can choose from a musical menu as live music is played here every evening.

The bar Rio has nothing in common with Brazil, although beer of various flavours and colours flows freely. If you have enough desire, patience and stubbornness, you can become a real beer expert. If you decide that a beer belly is not for you, head down to the Sputnik club, where you can dance to your heart’s content.

The club Roxy is situated in an area that is considered to be not very respectable (between the bus station and the railway station) but its schedule of events is very colourful: from various student evenings to live music concerts; from local musicians who are not very well known to famous international musicians.

Even the most demanding clubbers do not pass up a chance to go to ‘Dr. Who’. Among the many delights of this club are the lounge zones where you can chill out, the original interior, and, especially, the three bars that pulse with crazy night rhythm, for those who never sleep. By the way, the age limit for entry into these clubs is 21.